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About Central Japan Economic Federation

Central Japan Economic Federation (Chukeiren), established in 1951, authorized as an incorporated organization in 1991, and transferred its registration status to a general incorporated association in 2012, is a comprehensive economic organization covering five prefectures of Nagano, Gifu, Shizuoka, Aichi and Mie in Central Japan (Chubu region). Chukeiren is presently composed of 770 member companies, incorporated educational institutions and economic organizations in Central Japan.


Central Japan is home to a number of manufacturing industries, and its regional GDP accounts for 14 percents of Japan's national GDP. Also Central Japan has 25 percents of nationwide manufactured products shipped. Chukeiren has been promoting the development of Central Japan's economy and industry by conducting research, and proposing timely projects on industrial and economic items to the Japanese Government and municipal governments of the region.


Chukeiren has also been publishing "Central Japan", which introduces many attractive features such as regional economy, and creative manufacturing industries of Chubu region. Furthermore, Chukeiren has been supporting the activities of such relevant organizations as "Greater Nagoya Initiative Center", "Central Japan Tourism Association" and "The SHORYUDO Project Promotion Association", aiming for that many international business persons and tourists will visit Central Japan from all over the world.


In recent years, we have sought further development of Central Japan through strong promotion of manufacturing, social development and human development.




To be the world's foremost manufacturing region, Central Japan needs to leverage its combined strengths for development of next-generation leading industries, which include next-generation vehicles, aerospace, healthcare and environmental and recycling sectors, as well as the sophistication of existing technologies, growth of small and medium-sized companies and revitalization of the primary industry.

We, at Central Japan Economic Federation, set a target for each of the next-generation leading industries and other fields and promote industrial development activities such as exchange of opinions in the committees and operation of conferences in coordination with relevant bodies.

For the aerospace industry, in particular, we pursue activities to enhance "the Special Zone to Create Asia's No.1 Aerospace Industry Cluster" and support activities to develop the aircraft industry such as low-cost production and technical improvement.

We will also promote creative manufacturing through efforts to enhance research functions of the universities and research institutes, as well as business innovations including technical innovations and productivity improvement.

For the growth of small and medium-sized companies that underpin the manufacturing industry, we will also take initiatives such as support of business matching with large companies and encouragement of their participation in industrial clusters.



Social Development (Infrastructure) 

Comprehensive infrastructure development is essential for industrial development and regional promotion. We are actively lobbying the government and other bodies for construction of a second runway in the Chubu Centrair International Airport, which is an international hub in Japan, improvement and renovation of the Port of Nagoya, which is Japan's top port in terms of trade value and cargo volume, and development for the strengthening of the road network.

We will also engage in social development to enhance the attractiveness of Central Japan in coordination with the start of the Liner Chuo Shinkansen's operations between Nagoya and Tokyo in 2027.


Human Development 

For sustainable development of Central Japan as a global core of manufacturing, it is indispensable to cultivate excellent human resources who support manufacturing in companies in addition to global personnel who can play active roles in the world arena.

We at the Federation are committed to the restructuring of social and educational systems ranging from basic education to advanced professional education, as well as the establishment of a mechanism to encourage exchange of human resources between the industrial and academic communities in order to create a region where global personnel from Japan and other countries gather and interact with each other.





Tradition and Innovation (video)

Please watch the video of "Tradition and Innovation" which introduces the history and background of many attractive manufacturing industries in "Central Japan".


DVD TI.jpgThis video (running time 14 minutes) was published in the spring of 2016 for the purpose of the promotional activities by "Central Japan Council for the Ise-Shima Summit"



About Central Japan Economic Federation